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A fun, friendly, mature community, dedicated to anime/manga ,gaming, programming, computers etc..! We have our own discord bot! Don't miss out!



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Rozalina's bot | Python



Try to keep all the chats SFW, #nsfw is here for a reason.


Be kind and courteous to your fellow discord users.


Don't spam any of the chats. Spamming will result in a ban.


Feel free to drop your Twitch streams in~ just do it in moderation and not spam.


Keep the music bot SFW also, and be considerate of other listeners.


If you have a problem, either myself ( @Administrators ) or one of the helpforce will settle it.


NO racism of any kind.


Advertisement, posting, or sharing of other discord servers, or unsafe and scamming sites, as well as trolling/ immature actions in both the text and voice chat will result in a BAN, so just don't do it.


This is an English speaking server, please keep all text channels in English, this includes in pictures you share aswell. Other languages are permitable in voice chat as long as it remains undisruptive to other users.




Open Source


!uwu: Writes uwu in the chat
!8ball + question: answers your kinkiest questions
!join: makes the bot join the music voice channel.
!play + youtube link: Plays songs from youtube
!stop: stops the current song
!pause: pauses the current song
!mal + your mal ID: post your MAL profile
!twitter + your @twitter:post your twitter profile
!avatar @user: returns a link the mentioned user's avatar


  [2.1.0-1] - 2017-07-13
  - brand new command to bulk delete messages [Admins only]
  - command that returns the mentioned user's avatar

  [1.2.0-1] - 2017-07-09
  - added d.kick & d.ban command (admins & mods only)
  - fixed a bug where haruhi would just crash whenever she welcomes someone

  [1.1.0-1] -  2017-07-4
  - added support for local streaming example ("song.mp3")

  [1.0.0-1] - 2017-06-28
  - first stable release, she can now stream songs from youtube

  - added d.uwu
  - added support for youtube_dl (couldn't still play music at the time)
  - initial setup


So, you are probably here because you want to run your own bot but don't want to start coding one for scratch?

Don't worry I got you covered, in fact I released not so long ago, a tool that lets you run your own bot. Without having to do anything, other than installing its dependencies.

So let's get started shall we?

Prerequisites (I'll cover each step, so don't worry if you feel lost):

1. Installing Python 3.6

To install python, just head over there And download the "Windows x86-64 executable installer" file. Run it.

"Install for anyone" ---> add to path ---> keep the directory as if.

You should be good to go. To test if it works, open a command prompt and type : python --version

It should output something like this:

2. Installing FFMPEG

This part is really easy, if you follow this guid step by step, you should be alright.

First, you need to download ffmpeg itself, so head over there and click "download FFMPEG".

Create a new directory on your hard drive, C:\FFmpeg for example, well technically you shouldn't use any other directory than this one. ;) Extract the content of the archive you just downloaded in C:\FFmpeg

Your folder should look like this:

Now we need to add it to the "path" of windows, that way python can access it.

Press the "windows" logo on your keyboard, and type "path".

You should see something that says "edit system environment variables........", click it.

Click on Environment Variables

Then select "path" and click edit.

Click new, and copy and past this into the text field, (assuming you created the directory I mentionned): C:\FFmpeg\bin

click ok, ok again and ok. xD

Congrats! It was the most boring part of this tutorial.


Now just run the .bat file, and you should be good to go!